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Free-Range Wooly Mangalitsa.

The Mangalitsa is one of the original wild swine breeds of Europe. Mangalitsa pigs are native to Hungary and were hunted as game animals on the Imperial parks of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. Recognized as a distinct breed since 1927, Mangalitsa pigs are a hardy breed

Pasture-raised Mangalicas at the Csarda Haz.

Newborn Mangalicas Piglets
Farmer George is dedicted to heritage agriculture and preservation of traditional methods.

Farmer George proudly offers naturally grown, premium pork from Mangalitsa pigs, a rare, heritage breed from Hungary. Known as ‘Wooly Pigs’ because of their unique curly, body hair, Farmer George runs his Mangalitsa pigs unconfined. They range freely within natural pastures, producing healthy and happy pigs. No antibiotics, pesticides, or inorganic chemicals of any kind are used in raising our Mangalitsa pigs.

Mangalitsa pork and lard, or ’zsir’ in Hungarian, are good for you! Mangalitsa meat and lard are highly nutritious and wholesome foods containing significant levels of Omega-3 oil.

Mangalitsa meat is highly marbled and outstanding in taste, often referred to as the ‘Kobe Beef of Pork’.

Our Mangalitsa pigs grow slowly and contentedly under natural conditions of traditional pasture farming. You are welcome to come visit our farm to see for yourself how we raise our Mangalitsa pigs using natural, humane, and traditional practices.

How To Purchase
Mangalitsa feeder pigs and pork products, including half or full carcasses, chops, loin, ribs, roasts, bacon, hams, salami and lard or ‘zsir’ in Hungarian, can be purchased by contacting us at:

Farmer George
27570 County Road 95A
Davis, California 95616

530-757-2294 Telephone
530-792-1462 Fax
619-339-0548 Mobile




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